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    A little rain and wind moving in, time to start a trip report.  Got off the plane around noon Saturday, went through immigration in 30 min or so and then got a red light at customs.  Didn’t take long there since we only had carry-on.  They didn’t seem too interested in the bags, kept asking how many packs of cigarettes we had in our pockets since we had partial cartons in the luggage.  First stop was ATM for pesos at 19.25 per $1usd.  Got through the shark tank without a single offer thanks to looking straight ahead and acting like we had been here before.  Next stop the palapa hut outside Terminal 3 for a very expensive 1st margarita in Mexico ($9usd).  Went down good as we waiting for the ADO to Playa, $180 pesos each.

    Walked down Quinta Avenida to our new home for a week, El Faro.  We stayed at El Faro last year and just loved it.

    Off to Walmart to fill our frig and maybe some other things.

    Time to relax on the balcony.  Have a couple margaritas and think about all the places we could eat dinner.



    Decided to go by ALIVE on the corner of Calle 8 and 15ta Avenida to say Hi to Ale.  It was her day off so that would have to be another time.  Ended up eating at the new SmokeHouse just east of ALIVE.

    Had chipotle smoked ribs and a cheese burger.  Excellent flavor, the meat could be more tender but we are not in Kansas.  Turns out it is owned by Harry and his wife of Dirty Harry’s fame and Alex, who bartended at ALIVE last year was our waiter.  Had a very nice conversation with them both before we had to get some sleep.  Travel days wear me out.



    The very first trip report on the new forum. Well done! The Smoke House is something we will definitely be trying next trip.



    Can’t wait to read more!



    Sunday morning, first morning to have a cup of coffee on the balcony watching the sun rise over the horizon. Best way to have a cup.


    Later, we start the day with breakfast at Playa Maya on the beach.
    Eggs motuleno style ($100mxn). Eggs on tortillas with ham, plaintains, peppers and side of mole. Anything will taste delicious with this view.


    Spent all afternoon enjoying El Faro’s wonderful pool and a few dips in the sea.  Took a shower and headed out in the evening for Manne’s Biergarten.  On Calle 4 near 15ta Avenida.  Manne’s has prime rib special on Sunday and BBQ ribs special on Wednesday ($395mxn).


    Manne sent over a couple of tequilla shots after dinner.  That was very nice and very smooth.  Drinks at the condo tonight. Tomorrow we take our first trip to Akumal.



    looks like a relaxng time 🙂



    Trip reports were one of the best things about the old site. THANKS for starting this!



    Monday is our planned excursion day; swimming with the turtles and the Tulum beach.  Another beautiful sunrise on the balcony.  No better way to start the day.  We head out to Calle 2 just past 15ta Avenida and line up for a collectivo.  It is a $40mxn ride to Akumal.  We are let out on the Highway and make our way east on the walk path to the beach.

    Akumal walkpath





    It is about a half-mile walk to the beach entrance.  Entrance fee is $100mxn each and gives access to bathrooms and showers.  We also rented a locker for our valuables, $50mxn and $100mxn deposit. Then we walked south past Lol-Ha and rented our equipment, $200mxn each.  Put our towel down and headed into the water. Other snorkelers were very helpful with pointing out the turtles and the fish.  We followed 3 turtles for a long while and then floated around the coral to observe the fish.

    I thought I took alot of pictures with my phone in a waterproof vinyl bag but when I tried to look at them later, they did not exist.  Time to invest in a Go-Pro.



    Akumal snorkling

    We snorkeled several hours and then went back to the highway to catch the collectivo to Tulum, another $40mxn each and then $150mxn taxi from centro to La Zebra beach bar for a rest from our morning swim.

    La Zebra

    La Zebra2

    La Zebra 3

    Toes in the sand…..

    toes in the sand

    And a perfect view…….

    Tulum view

    After several adult beverages and snack of chips, guacamole, and salsa we took the taxi back to Tulum centro and then collectivo back to Playa.   Next we try to find dinner on a Monday evening…….



    Thanks for posting- I love trip reports! Your photos are sooo making me miss the beach…



    Great report. I hope you come back and finish!



    After a day of snorkeling, we were getting pretty hungry.  We had talked about eating at Babe’s Noodles earlier.  After much anticipation we found that they were closed on Monday’s.  Headed a few more steps to 10ta Avenida and 10 Calle but found La Famiglia closed also.  That’s OK, we will just walk down 10ta Avenida to La Taberna.  Now we are getting very hungry and La Taberna is also closed on Mondays.  I think I have discovered why the famous Rubio BBQs are on Mondays.  Well 5th Avenue is open every day so we head to Pez Vela.



    Finally……..drinks and then some very delicious food.  We ordered a fantastic fish filet served on top of mashed potatoes and covered in an awesome mango white sauce.


    Two fabulous dinners, four margaritas, and tip came to $900mxn.  We have a nightcap at Zenzi’s, Calle 10 and the beach with candle lit tables in the sand.  Good music and right next door to our condo.

    Tuesday is “soak in the sun” day.


    Very sunny today.  Several dips in the pool.  Several dips in the ocean.  Several adult beverages.  Then it is time for another trip to Babe’s.  This time they were open and we had a fantastic dinner.




    We walked off our noodles by people watching on 5th Avenue with a walk up to Calle 32 and back, then a night cap at Dirty Martini’s.  2X1 on Tuesdays.  But that is a story for Wednesday when we could stay longer.

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    Fantastic trip report so far!!! Keep it up!



    Love reading your trip report. It all looks and sounds so familiar….well done! Thanks for posting…and….carry on 😃



    hi WandS  …we both enjoyed your great trip report ….thanks



    Your welcome.  I plan on finishing it someday soon.

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