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    Well I got word my buddy Mario had won a municipal seat after working at politics for 30 years.

    I recieved an invite to the “tomo de protesta” which is kind of swearing in ceremony.


    I took a break from work to be with my friend on his big day.


    Flying over the rocky mountains, Kelowna to Calgary.



    And Calgary to Cancun… crossing the yucatan coast.




    I wanted to grab some documents and the keys to the house Im buying. A lady in Merida was supposed to have them.

    I picked up the rental car and drove off into twilight, making for Valladolid.

    I hadn’t been down here since May and it felt so good to be hurtling along the jungle hiway.

    I have a lady friend in Valladolid and she always seems to have a place for me. I notice my Spanish skills are a little rusty from lack of use.

    In the morning, beside the town square… huevos mexicanos.

    I love tearing the tortillas in half and picking the eggs up with them mexican style and folding them into my mouth.


    The lady in Merida was not answering and I ended up tracking her down ay her house, sleeping at noon…. had my keys, but no papers.

    I didnt have time to wait all weekend. I drove off towards José María Morelos.

    I was hoping Pety would be around, she lives in Dziuché and I had to pass right through.

    I was in luck and we sat visiting in her hut. I had been invited for christmas dinner last time there and that turkey was now running around inside her place.





    Later at JMM (José María Morelos), I discovered my keys wouldn’t work.

    Enough of this madness of a day, I went and got a room.

    Next morning after a 25 peso conchinita taco breakfast,


    I was seated up front with the VIP’s for the Toma de Protesta.

    Next to me was the new presidenta’s uncle who also happens to be April’s gentleman caballero boyfriend who she always speaks of.

    For those who don’t know, April is the lady that hooked up with me down here partway through two winters ago. She was with me last winter as well and we keep steady company now.

    Mario at the protesta.

    Met new people too!




    La presidenta, Mario, y yo






    In the time I’ve been passing through JMM I have met so many people, they all seem to remember me. The place is tranquil but also has a very special feel to it.

    There are no other extranjeros there that I have ever met. The occasional person speaks some english, but Spanish and Maya are the standard fare.

    The people are friendly but the area is very poor and the people can appear rough.

    This is Mario’s house in La Presumidia, a nearby pueblita.


    The house Im getting is near centro in JMM.


    Has two bedrooms, kitchen of sorts, washroom here…


    Inside view


    Aint no resort…. but I don’t need much.


    Gotta get rid of the scorpions though.





    There are all kinds of food choices here.

    These salbutes are 5 pesos each outside the mercado. 2 of these molida ones….



    And a couple of little bananas


    At a peso apiece and your all good.


    Taco and torta places abound.


    There is fancier food available, even in little Morelos






    That soup is making me hungry.


    Good luck Gary.



    Great report Gary, you are very interesting and fun to follow as in the past. Keep it coming, Thank you err Gracias



    Gracias Gary, just what I needed two weeks before my arrival!



    Looking forward to this trip report from you as I have all the ones in the past.  Thanks Gary!! Living vicariously through you will help make the time pass quickly before we return in Feb!



    Thanks you guys.

    Another food choice I have found all over the place is in cantina’s.

    The cerveza price was up 3 pesos from where it had been to 20 pesos. But for that money you get lime on request as well as “botanas” which is a small serving of some food item. It might just be some citrus or pepinas cut up with chiles on top. There are some really good botana cantinas in Valladolid…. but thats another story.

    Here in JMM, at one of my favorite haunts, this was a 20 peso offering.

    It also comes with cute bar girls who will keep you company if you buy them a drink.

    Mario and I enjoying a visit.





    I hung around town a couple more days, cleaning up around the house I found this cool looking nest. I think it belongs to an organ pipe mud dauber wasp but they supposedly live much farther north.

    The in law suite out back..


    Could use a new roof


    I got out to visit my friend Pety a couple of times.

    Pety and one of her sons in front of her house.

    Other botanas


    But I have to leave for now.




    In the morning, I went by city hall to say goodbye to Mario and friends. The cops out front seem to know me and ask me if Im looking for Mario. They point upstairs and we get an impromptu photoshoot with some other regidors whom I have met. They want me to stay longer and go out for drinks but I have to be on my way

    December 14th is not far off. We will have lots of time to visit and I can help them with suggestions on how to increase tourism when I get back.

    I stop at the mercado and get a chile relleno to go…. best I have had anywhere.

    And I drove off to Carillo, and north to PDC, to be closer to the airport in the am.

    A meal at El Fogon that night…

    And at 5am I am gone.

    See you when I am back my friends…. time passes quickly.




    Thank you for sharing your reports again!  Your new place looks great and can’t wait to see your progress with it.  Congrats.



    Great report Gary as always! I am looking forward to the next one.  😀

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