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    Canadiense Loco

    Another classic Gary trip report. What a cool life you have created for yourself in Mexico. 🙂



    lol  “inlaw suite”  awesome, great report, congrats on the new digs.

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    Yes Scott, its like I have two lives… so different from each other.  I have to be careful that I don’t spend all my time up here wishing I was down there.

    The casa will be an adventure for sure Krazzy, but I am still going to go on my epic journeys. JMM will be my base of operations and my place to rest, living among the modern Maya.



    Congratulations on the casa Gary!  I will look forward to another awesome trip report!



    Hi Gary what a treat to find you posting here ! Can not wait to follow your travels again this year !



    Congratulations on the casa Gary……we think it’s awesome!  Looking forward to another great season of trip reports from you. Thanks so much for taking the time to do them!



    So the widow McGregor and I went down to Vancouver by the mexican consulate and succesfully applied for our visa’s “residente temporal”.

    This will allow me to buy a car, open a bank account, get medical coverage, buy land in my name in mexico etc.

    Booked a flight and left the land of cold and ice on December 7th.


    Penticton airport



    Gary, thanks for taking some of your valuable time to prepare your trip reports! They are tremendous. Also so sorry the many at the other place got lost. Take care!



    Well I guess I will post up some of our adventures here and just try to stay current.

    Rubio had told me just to post up on his thread, but it seems prettty inactive over there and I just will end up monopolizing that string.

    Briefly, about us.

    I have been drifting around Southern Mexico for a few winters, usually about 2 months at a time and have put thousands of kilometers on rental cars exploring the back roads and routes less travelled.

    My companion, Abril, who I also refer to as the “widder McGregor” is a woman I had first met in Canada.

    She came to Mexico with a friend a couple years back and was at a resort near PDC not having a good time. She was viewing my trip report of the day and asked to come along.

    Although our relations were on and off for awhile we hang together now. I tell her she is my current favorite girlfriend and she tells me I will do until something better comes along.

    Its nice to feel so secure going forward.

    I have a shack/house in the central yucatan penninsula which I am updating out of the stone age.

    But soon we will leave for points to the west on the search for adventures.

    I hear some from my friends in PDC that they would like to come along, but they have their circles of friends there, and like to stay in the realm of the known. Its all good…. everyone is different.



    I had the shack’s roof re-sloped so the water runs off, instead of ponding and soaking through.

    Just bought 8 pails of impermable to coat the roof with membrane.


    Drove back to JMM and went out to check the favorite bars.






    Gradually, I’m getting my place fixed up. Today I got the curtains up.

    Not sure if I mentioned that Abril bought glass windows for a bunch of the barred holes.






    Getting here by bus/collectivo is easy. Take one to Felipe Carillo Puerto and then switch there, asking for the Jose Maria Morelos collectivo.

    I live right behind the hospital.

    For a little town out of the way, there are some excellent food choices.

    One of my favorites is the prawns in garlic, served up at “El Pulpo”

    130 pesos included 2 Tecate cerveza.

    Of course I always tip a bit.



    Another good prawn place is “Ko’ox Janal”.

    The cook had been trained on cruise ships and that training reflects in his presentation.


    The plates are a little more here, at 115 pesos and cerveza at 32 pesos.


    Menu is posted on the wall.






    Looking forward to hearing more on your travels. Your Casa is looking better all the time.

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    Hi DaveCindy,

    We will get travelling as soon as I get the roof figured out.

    Last night we went out to Bar Bambu and it was one of those cases where the locals kept sending beers to our table. The guy would drop off 2 beers and take to empties over to our benefactors table.

    In Canada, at our local watering hole, no one ever buys me a drink!

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