are you ALIVE yet? we rock for real. come visite the bar on 8th & 15th ave.

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    bruce sundance

    let´s try this again, 2nd edition.

    opening hours 3 pm to 1.30 am.

    closed on mondays.

    a bar where you find real people, old playa, old school party,

    ask for the music you would like to listen to & give us a chance to find & play it for you.

    I will give you more details next week when I have recovered from last night´s party at ALIVE

    ( I blame warren).

    have a good weekend, we will.


    are you on facebook? check this out, like it, if you like it:



    I blame it on Ed. Good to see you again my friend

    bruce sundance

    of course, ed. always ed´s fault.

    bruce sundance

    thank you for the wine.

    & for taking the time to run this forum.

    have a save trip.



    So glad we didn’t party so hard that we forgot we saw you!!! It was so great to reconnect with you, my dear Playa friend!!!!! I wish we could see you more often than once a year. Once we retire we will live in Playa part of the year. Then you will be sick of us!!!🤣

    Love you my friend!!!!



    Please tell Billy, Ali, and Ingrid hello for me!😘

    bruce sundance

    thank you for your kind words,

    will tell them next time I see them, bar closed on mondays.

    we had a great time last night till 4 am, played live music at 3 different places,

    actually 4 different places yesterday afternoon and evening.

    coming along easy now.

    more to come, hopefully soon.

    manne´s beergarden this early evening. maybe more live music,

    we´ll see. 2 great guitar players yesterday and another producer offering recording sessions.

    crazy life I live.

    Canadiense Loco

    Hey Bruce…great to find you on here. 🙂

    bruce sundance

    hello there,

    the forum will slowly catch up. hopefully by summer.

    tell people on facebook who were on the before, please.

    have a good week. hugs to both of you.


    It is good to see you here Mr. Sundance. 🙂


    bruce sundance

    the farubas, my eyes, my eyes!!!

    how´s life up north? did the snow melt yet, haha?!

    we had a surprisingly cool may, but that´s over now, summer has arrived.

    wishing you both a good weekend.

    spread the word about the forum, if you find time in your busy schedule.

    all the best.

    bruce sundance

    ALIVE is closed on mondays. you know what that means, right?

    we need to party double tuesday.

    safe your energy today, cause tomorrow we´ll rock.

    you don´t have to go all the way to london to rock:

    the clash – london calling:

    bruce sundance


    did you miss us yesterday while we had a good day off???

    we missed you, too.

    time for the big reunion tonight!!!

    see you at ALIVE.


    bruce sundance

    may I ask the members who read these posts to simply reply with one word like ´ read´ or  ´following´,

    so I have a general idea how many people do have an interest to see future updates of these posts?!

    it would be helpful to promote the forum to local businesses.

    thank you.


    “read” 😁

    bruce sundance

    thank you, redhed.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 216 total)
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