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    Just thinking about this incident last year at Lido Beach Club…ugh! Four of us set ourselves up on lounges and ordered drinks….next to us was a middle aged woman who was alone and started chatting. She ordered food and several drinks. She identified herself as a Canadian who spent her winter in Playa…guess we looked like a group of five….after a couple of hours and several drinks she excused herself to go to the washroom….we didn’t pay any attention but the waitress noticed she didn’t come back…eventually she asked us if the lady was part of our group…then we realized what had happened…we were shocked and prolly naive….we asked the waitress what would happen to the bill….she had tears in her eyes and said she had to pay for it….what’s the matter with people???? (we paid the bill and hope we never see that again) Anyone else experience this?


    bruce sundance

    that´s a first to my ears.

    easy to see how that can happen though.

    especially in beach clubs or outdoor restaurants.

    not much the management can do about that, I think.

    lido is a great place & many locals find their way there weekly.


    Robs back

    its too bad you didnt have a picture of her…..



    I have to watch that sort of thing all the time. In the pueblo’s at the “cantina’s” ( read here low end bars ) you order beers and all the empty’s stay at your table. When its time to pay, the waitress just counts the empties, refers to the chart on the wall… and that is the bill. Occasional drunks ( or other sly thinking people) will try to leave their empty at your table. I just chase them away and tell em I’m not buying their drinks.

    Sucks when people won’t be responsible for their own stuff.



    ya I wish I did have a pic….I remembered what she was wearing and what she looked like….I looked everywhere we went for a couple of days….then just gave up….



    Good of you to pay the bill.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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