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    We are due to arrive in 4 weeks hopefully  it will have cleared  somebody.we were there in 2015 and it was awful but was not too bad last year


    bruce sundance

    ´… the sargassum removal boat, of which it took possession in January 2016.´


    6-million-peso sargassum removal boat sits idle in storage in Quintana Roo


    bruce sundance

    I was informed that the Beach Cleaning on 38th Street / Beach was

    cancelled this Morning due to the Beach being clean today.

    not sure what that says about the Water.


    bruce sundance

    update: several People confirmed, seems the Sargasso is moving away from the Coast … for now.



    We posted beach pics over on the Beach Thursday thread last week, if that helps.

    Meanwhile, I just saw this: Sargassum barriers placed along Playa del Carmen beaches




    Update Feb.22, 2019

    The volume of sargaso ( seaweed) coming ashore is continuous and the volume is unbelievable.  The men and equipment can not keep up. This picture was taken Feb 22 at the bottom of 4th after the cleaning crew retired for the day. Removing the seaweed isn’t sustainable and a new plan is needed. Mother Nature is winning this battle.

    In all the years coming to Playa this is the worst sargaso season yet. Over the years the sargaso coming ashore has been increasing and this time of year has been the period when the most volume comes ashore. The sargaso in the water is so thick that swimming is impossible. The smell is atrocious! Enjoying a day at the beach is becoming more difficult as most beaches are receiving large quantities of sargaso.

    However there is a positive. The beach is growing and at the bottom of 4th it is wider than I have seen in some time.




    It is awful to see it like that we were hopeing there would be some improvement  this year.we are booked for may I feel this will be our last trip for a while.last year we were unable to enjoy the beach and it looks like it is going  to be the same this year.

    Tourism  has to be down when the beach is showing no sign of improvement



    Beach is wider than I’ve seen in a long time.  Actually amazing the depth it has gained in the few weeks I’ve been here.


    The sargassum is horrible at the moment.  Ghost town on the beach the

    past couple days.



    There are lots of clean beaches over on the Bay of Campeche side of the Yucatan penninsula. We are passing through there again right now. Around Sabancuy is beautiful green water and nice long sandy beaches. I am amazed that there isn’t more tourism over this way….. no sargassum.


    Uno Mas

    Are the Sargassum barriers in place or were they ever put in place?


    Robs back

    it was so bad i couldnt walk to fishermens resort yesterday,,,so i had to walk through phase 1



    It’s been quite a good deal better recently than what is shown and described above. A shot from central Playa this morning is over on the Beach Thursday thread or here, if you want to see:

    Muy buenos días a todos, este #JuevesPlayero!A very good #BeachThursday morning to everyone!#PlayaMaya #PlayadelCarmen #RivieraMaya

    Posted by Playa Maya on Thursday, March 14, 2019


    ETA: Ah, didn’t know such FB links would show up as images like that here — cool! 🙂

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