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    Canadiense Loco

    Hey Gary,

    Nice that you are back “home”. 🙂

    I need to get back into the habit of checking this thread.

    Linda and I are back in PDC for 5 weeks and change starting January 1st…..hope to see you.

    Yes, Abril’s goodbye tour ?



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes, Abril, the widder McGregor was pretty serious about me and I am like a rolling stone, I date a lot of women…. She moved about an hour away from me up on the Canadian side to try to break the habit but I still go down her way once every week or so to give her a little slap and tickle.</p>
    So she wasn’t going to come this time (and I wasn’t going to take her) but in the end the pull was too strong so we cut a deal on a fixed term relationship… it ends at 4 pm, November 29th.

    She says she will never come back and I think she is still looking for Mr. Forever.

    I will always love her though I may keep the company of others.

    This can be evidenced by my purchasing and giving her this fancy bracelet.

    Made of the finest pot metal available, 7 dangling hearts will ring her wrist… one for every day of the week.

    She says our love will last until her skin turns green.

    Not too bad for 50 pesos, huh?

    Just look at her happy smile…




    Heading southwestwards out of Champoton is one of my favorite pieces of road. The Gulf of Mexico’s, Bay of Campeche stretches out to your right, there are many places to stop and enjoy an empty beach.

    To your left the vegetation changes from jungle to marshy high grassland to mangrove swamp and back again.

    The highway is in great condition… flat, few curves and you can go fast.




    There are some really long bridges too. They just finished this new one south of Isla Aguada.


    And I was just zipping along enjoying the view when the state police flagged me down for doing 94 in a 60 zone.

    So the fine is 3,000 pesos and after some negotiation I managed to just give them all the money in my pocket (320 pesos) and they let me go.

    Remember my friends to keep your money seperate… some in the right front pocket you can pull out like its all you have.

    Abril got this pic of us talking thru the back window.



    Farther southwest is the big oil town, Ciudad del Carmem.

    I’ve stopped there before but it cant seem to hold my intrest for any length of time, still, bought a chili relleno taco for 10 pesos just before the big bridge.

    Chili relleno’s are one of my fav foods.

    After that super long bridge and farther on, take the turn towards Atasta.

    There, we were forced to again eat food bought beside the road.

    Just couldn’t pass up on prawns like these…

    Look at the size of them, fresh cooked and delicious.



    Random road shots..


    Well I was going to post some but its a problem again.

    How do I fix ” Request timeout server”?

    I think the picture file size might be the issue???


    Tire fix.. look at how bad it blew out.

    Check out the blowout.

    Still dont have the pic posting resolved…

    How to post videos I wonder?


    Another thing sold beside the road are these bags of crab pinchers.

    They are tough to crack…. and I always forget to bring pliers.



    Into Tabasco we go!!!!!




    Link above is a try at video posting.

    Its from inside Bar La Movida in Paraiso, Tabasco after things have settled for the night.


    One thinks of Tabasco as being very hot, but only because of the sauce called tabasco which isn’t even from Tabasco.

    Tabasco is actually a wet state with lots of rain and big wide rivers.


    I like Paraiso partly because of the friendly family atmosphere in the town square.


    The fine upscale bars…


    And there is a great steakhouse there, the Fiesta Brava



    LOVE it


    video worked great loving the updates

    Canadiense Loco

    I so enjoy these reports Gary. So when you were pulled over, aside from the separate money tip ( which I also do) did you use very little of your Spanish or did you speak as much as you could ? I have heard acting like you have no idea what they are talking about may also be a good plan, unless of course they speak good English. 😉



    Enjoying this as always Gary. Really hoping this forum picks up traction like the old one!! Cheers



    I am just going to post on my facebook for now. Having issues with uploads.

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