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    Anyone have a current taxi zone rate map.


    You are better to go to the Trip Advisor PDC forum which is very active or another forum as this forum seems to be dead for all intents and purposes unfortunately.

    Also seems to always be some debate on zone fares but try here. From Playacar to downtown its 90P


    Sorry, that’s the old map.

    As of approx Oct-Nov, 2019, the new map has changed significantly by 1) making the previous zones smaller (hence more zones and more revenue when traversing from zone to zone – Colonia Pedregal, for example, used to be zona 7 but is now smaller and renamed zona 10); the rates have all gone up by at least 5 pesos (the previous fare from zona 1 and 2 to Colonia Pedregal – the previous zona 7 – was 30 pesos; it’s now zona 10 and 35 pesos).

    Sitios from Mega, Walmart, Chedraui, etc., seem to still charge the additional 5 pesos tacked onto the new fares. so what was once a 30 + 5 pesos ride from the sitio at Mega or Walmart in Centro to colonia Pedregal is now 35 + 5 pesos = 40 pesos.

    At the current exchange rate of about 18.88 today, each peso is worth about 5.3 US cents, making a 5 peso increase in the taxi fare worth about 26.5 US cents. The taxis all have copies of the new zone chart – ask to see it before you pay. Suerte

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