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    Can someone explained what happened to the old forum?  It had nice layout and easy to browse and look at.  This forum its very plain and very hard to read.  Also seems to be very little people posting here compared to the playa.info forum.  I read in a tripadvisor forum that the domain expired or something like that?


    So does that mean all the old threads and posts in the old forum is not there anymore?


    Also im guessing very few posters from the playa.info forum even know about this site?  I had to google it a while back and then saw this site a while back but then could not find it but recalled it was something playainfo. something etc.


    bruce sundance

    one way to let people who used to be members on the old forum know about this one here is on facebook.

    the old forum did not start with 1000 members either, it took many years.

    hopefully more people will use this forum here when high season nears.


    bruce sundance

    ´ Also seems to be very little people posting here compared to the playa.info forum. ´

    I am doing my part,

    I blame the rest of you.




    Let me try to answer a few of your inquiries.   As to what happened to playa.info,  we will have to ask James.  My guess is the revenues from the site did not justify the expense to keep it up and running.  There are a lot of expenses to a website especially if you have to hire the technical expertise.

    I read playa.info daily in preparation to my 1st and 2nd vacations to Playa Del Carmen.  The information obtained from that made my vacations seem as if I had been traveling there my whole life.  Playa.info went dead and I saw a thread on tripadvisor from some of the regulars that they were missing it like I was.  I have created several websites over the years and I started thinking that I would put up a similar site for those of us that enjoyed the old one so much.

    There are two motivating factors for me.  One, I want to pay it forward for future travelers.  Two, I have wanted to explore php coding and this is a good way to do that.

    That being said, I am sorry you find this forum hard to read.  This is not a commercial venture for me which contributes to the plain look.  In order to keep costs down I am using open source packages (bbpress) to create the forum.  Sorry it is hard to read, but as I gain experience with php I will be creating a better user experience.  Please let me know what you would specifically like to see so I can try and code for it.  I added a Suggestion Box thread in Other Stuff category.

    You are correct that few are posting here.  I read somewhere that the ratio of posters to trollers in a forum is 1 to 100.  With 225 members we should have 2.25 regular posters on Playa Info Dos.  You are correct to assume many of the Playa.info veterans have not found Playa Info Dos yet.  Please help spread the word.  I am sure the old forum took time to become what it was and hopefully this one will grow despite the popularity of FB.  For me social media does not provide a platform for discussion.  It is more like a billboard.

    It would be fantastic if we could make available all the old threads from playa.info.  There are some classics from Rubio’s Monday BBQs to Gary’s awesome adventures into Mexico.  If anyone could ask James if he would consider making the playa.info forum database available to be archived here, I would welcome the opportunity to try.

    Pauly, welcome to Playa Info Dos.  Glad you found us.



    Bruce – you are doing your part and I love you for your efforts.  Thank you!



    Hi webmaster thanks for the response.  I dont know much about websites but what technical support did the owner had to hire for playa.info?  Also i know most sites need to earn money to operate.  Because if there are no issues with the site, wouldn’t the fees be not that much monthly?  Again i dont know much about websites.


    The thing is this website, yes its very plain.  But the thing is its really hard to navigate this site because of the plain coloring.  The playa.info site was great with how it looked and thus i could see why so many ppl visited that site.  But does that mean that site playa.info is no more?  So are all the content in that site gone?  Or does that mean if there was the funds, they could get the website back up again like before.  Well the people i spoke to on the old playa.info site, i don’t have their information on me.  Thus i can’t contact those people anymore.  I dont think other playa.info members even know about this website unless they did some hard googling.



    I agree that so much of what was posted on playa.info was valuable information such as Gary’s travels.  I had some of their emails before but now they’re all gone since the site is down.  I’m not finding most of those folks on the FB pages that are for Playa locals and many of them posted frequently so I’m wondering also where they may be.  I also read it daily but I do come here at least once every two days.  I don’t post a lot but do read since I haven’t been back to Playa in a couple of years but it is still near and dear to my heart.  I hope more people find the site and the plainness doesn’t bother me.



    Could someone PM me James from the old Playa info contact information. I would like to see if I can get any archives of my trip reports.





    Hi Gary , send u a pm



    As a person that is quietly reading everything and not contributing, I just want to express my thanks to the webmaster for making the effort and starting this site.  I am grateful.  I also miss the old site and am hopeful that eventually everyone will make their way here.



    As one who used to read the old board every day and did not not contribute much, I just want to express my thanks to the webmaster for making the effort and starting this site. I am grateful. I also miss the old site and am hopeful that eventually everyone will make their way here. I used to spend my winter months there but haven’t been back for about 5 yrs. I’ve been here for 2 days & recognize a lot of the people from the old site. The Monday BBQ’s at Rob’s & Gary’s trip reports were the best.

    p.s. – thanks to the webmaster for helping me reset password



    Came looking for playa.info and luckily found this site.  Have been to Playa del Carmen nine times over the past ten years and planning our tenth visit. Hoping this site takes off and is as informative as the old playa site, it will be invaluable. Keep up the good work guys.



    Thank you webmaster for recreating this website.  It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than just playa.. it was friendships, it was enlightening, it was a global soul union of all who knew and loved pdc passionately.  I havent been in so long, im sure so much has changed, ( i know it has for me)….. but i look forward to the day i can return SOLO! woooohoooo….



    Hi everyone.  I used to post on the old forum.  I do miss it.  I found this new one by accident, but so glad I did! Thank you for starting it.

    Heading to Playa tomorrow!  Woo hoo.  Even though a lot has changed, I still love going there.


    bruce sundance

    if you are facebook friends with anybody who used the old forum, please, let them know about this one.

    not crowded here yet.

    have a safe trip to town.

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