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First_Name Jeff & Jenn
2 Playa lovers from Nebraska. Part timers in Playa since 2012.
First_Name Scott
Married, 2 adult children. Been visiting Playa Del Carmen annually since 2006. Started with a week and now we try to get down for 4-5 weeks.
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First_Name Kristia (Kristi)
Was a member of the old forum since 2004. Destination Expert on Tripadvisor for Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen is my happy place
Started coming to the area in 2000 but never got to Playa del Carmen until 2003.......loved going to Isla Mujeres..............could not get off that Island until it was time to fly home . Stayed in various little hotels & rooms in homes,never seemed to get to the beach much until about 2005 or whenever Playa Maya opened................ Thanks to Steve & Delmy at Playa Maya inviting us to stay there for $25 a night,included breakfast! Yes,thats right! We loved that place,it felt like home to us as we were one of the first guests to stay that was the start of the beach every day. They left for a few years but are back again.So with all the changes in Playa del Carmen over the years,I can go there still and feel like the old days again.THanks for coming back! See you soon.
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Travelers who are not stingy with souvenirs can be interested in visiting Town Hall Galleries. It is located in one of the city's most gorgeous historical buildings. Wonderful paintings, hand-painted porcelain, wood carvings and many other incredible accessories from local craftsmen are available to visitors. Some budget tourists visit this gallery just as an excursion.
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retired 3 years and moved to playa del carmen, living in centro since then.
First_Name Craig
From Northwest Wisconsin
First_Name Cassy
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