The Benefits of Massage Therapy

5 Top Reviews of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are available in many different styles and price ranges, so you’ll need to do some comparison shopping before deciding on a particular model. The features of different models will vary, so you’ll want to compare the different models, note what you want and don’t want, and choose a model that fits your budget and needs. Massage chairs are generally used for short sessions, ranging from once per day to multiple times a week, though there are some exceptions.

Thai massages are a great way to get rid of stress, and they’re known to have a happy ending. The session can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Most sessions start by having you strip naked, and it can feel incredibly relaxing. While you’re stripping naked, you might find yourself feeling nervous, but after the massage, you’ll feel much better!

Another thing to keep in mind when getting a sensual massage is the type of touch you receive. You should be aware that this type of massage is different from other kinds of massages. The goal of sensual massage is to increase the levels of intimacy between two people. It is commonly performed on intimate partners in a home environment. While this type of massage is often associated with sexual activities, it is not intended to be so.

After a career in the mortgage industry, Lisa realized she had a passion for skin care. She earned a license in skin care and gained experience working in the spa industry. In 2012, she joined Hand & Stone as a regional operations manager. Since then, she has moved up to Vice President of Brand Experience and oversees Massage and Facial programs as well as Front Desk Training.

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